Chunkers have been around for a little while, but not every groomer has used one of these amazing blending tools yet. It's time to get with the times and let one of these work horses take your scissoring to the next level!

Chunkers are distinctly different from thinning shears in that they don't have tinny teeth. Instead, they have larger cutting teeth that makes them sort of a hybrid between a shear and thinner. This means you have the best of both worlds: you can texture quicker and more efficiently, but also take off enough hair in one go as you would a standard shear. For harsh-coated breeds like Cockers, Pomeranian, Terriers, etc., a Chunker will quickly become your new best friend at the groom shop.

Every shear we carry has AT MINIMUM a material requirement of 440C high carbon Japanese steel or more, regardless of the brand. This means that even our most economic, entry-level pet grooming shear is as good as (or better than) many premium Big-Brand shears. The aesthetic appeal of a particular logo might be debatable, but there's nothing to question about the superior chemical composition and fabrication behind our stock.

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Shinobi - Lefty 21 Tooth Blender
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Shinobi - 21 Tooth Blender
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Blendigo Swivel (7.5
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Black & Blue Swivel (7.5
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Ergonomic Plus Chunker (7.5
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Blue Paw Chunker (8.0
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