Dog Grooming

We offer a wide variety of pet grooming services for Treasure Valley pet owners. Feel free to call or email us with any questions you might have about scheduling appointments or our shop. Use the Table Of Contents below to quickly find answers to a topic of interest related to dog grooming services.

Table Of Contents For Dog Grooming:

  • Making An Appointment
  • Checking In & Out
  • Full Grooming
  • Cat Grooming
  • Additional Services
  • Gift Certificates

  • Making An Appointment

    All our pet grooming appointments are currently scheduled by PHONE, TEXT, and EMAIL ONLY. Feel free to contact us however you prefer: (208) 323-9095 or

    Due to high client volume, we strongly recommend that clients schedule future appointments out in advance in order to guarantee preferred availability.

    Online Scheduling: We currently don’t have an online scheduler. While we would love to utilize this simple technology, it just doesn’t work for our services. No pet is equal in size, need, or coat condition; therefore, we cannot allot standard time blocks for self booking without causing scheduling issues in the shop. We want to offer the best services to all of our clients, and that unfortunately requires careful daily scheduling.

    appointment times

    How Long are grooming sessions? We generally quote 4 hours per grooming, but it doesn’t always take that long. Why 4 hours? There are many factors that contribute to time (i.e., the pet’s size, the coat condition, the age, the behavior, the haircut, etc.). We call pet owners as soon as we get done with the grooming, and we make sure to give your pets potty breaks during their stay.

    Walk-Ins: Due to our current volume of business, we cannot take walk-in appointments. If you’re needing a quick nail trim, we can usually work you in, but please call us in advance that day, just to be sure we have the time to do it.Call Us: (208) 323-9095

    Checking In & Out

    Parking: We work from a home shop. Feel free to park in our driveway or the street. The shop entrance is around the side of our garage (please follow the sidewalk alongside the garage). You needn’t knock - the shop is always open during business hours - just come on in. Please don’t drop pets off at our front door - use the shop entrance.

    client formPet Form: If it’s your pet’s first grooming with us, you’ll need you to fill out this form during check-in. You can either (1) print it off, fill it out, and bring it in with you, or (2) fill out a form at our shop. It’s a very standard pet release form, and if you have any questions about it, feel free to call or email us - we’d be happy to answer your questions.

    Special Requests: We want to give your pets the best grooming service and haircut possible, so if there are any notes, information, pictures, special shampoos, feedback, etc., that you’d like to bring along and share with us, we greatly welcome it. We want to give your pets the best grooming service and haircuts that we can.

    pet leash

    Securing Your Pets: Because we work from a home shop, we ask that you be respectful to our neighbors and bring your pets in on a leash, or in a pet porter, in order to avoid/reduce the risks of injury, runaways, waste management, etc. If you don’t have a leash, feel free to come in and borrow one for pet transportation. We’d be happy to let you use one of our leads.

    Waiting At Our Shop: We have a very small reception space that pet owners are welcome to wait in. Because we ask approximately 4 hours per pet grooming appointment, we wouldn’t recommend waiting the whole duration of the appointment in our reception room, though.

    Payment Methods: Our shop currently accepts checks, cash, and credit cards for payment.

    Full Grooming

    How Much Is A Full Grooming, And What Does It Entail? Quoting exact prices for pet grooming is sometimes harder to give than grooming the pet (especially over the phone!). Many factors play a role in determining price (i.e., size, coat condition, desired haircut, behavior). For this reason, we give a close range for cost based on these factors. We’re pretty good at dialing down the price once we see your pet the day of his/her grooming appointment.

    Our “Full Grooms” include all necessary brushout, bathing/drying, nail trimming, and the specified haircut. We express anal glands ONLY AT THE OWNER’S REQUEST, and at no additional cost. Bows and cologne are free at request, too.

    Exceptions To Full Groomings: Price-wise, we’re more than fair with our services, and we’re fair to ourselves, too. If your pet requires extensive brushout because of matting, or they require stripping charges, or special animal handling fees, we reserve the right to add these charges to the cost of the full grooming. We can generally determine at check-in if your pet will require extensive brushout or stripping, so these charges seldom comes as a surprise. We’ll call you, too, and let you know if we come across something that increases the price quote we gave you in advance.

    Cat Grooming

    Cat grooming is a whole other ballgame from dog grooming. Yes, we offer affordable, safe, cat grooming services, but pet owners should be aware what grooming felines entails.

    In most cases, requested cat grooming is not for style, but for salvage. Due to the nature of cats, they seldom tolerate brushing, bathing, and clipping. Performing simple pet maintenance on a cat is often extremely challenging/dangerous for owners, and this is why by the time a pet groomer is needed, the animal is a real mess.

    People typically bring their cats to groomers after they have become severely matted (in places, or all over), and it’s necessary to shave away the mats in order for them to remain healthy and pain-free. This is why we refer to the process as “salvage,” because the poor animal’s coat is already trashed (they’re generally in a lot of pain, too), and we do whatever we can to groom away the essential problems. In salvage cases (about 99.9% of cat groomings), your cat will leave our shop shaved - in parts, or all over - and we don’t want owners to be surprised.

    Troublespots With Cats: Cats can take serious offense when someone messes with fur and appendages- especially when they are matted to the skin. When cats get upset, they often stay upset for hours and don’t cool off. This makes grooming them very difficult and dangerous. A pet groomer only has a small window of opportunity to work within to groom a cat before the process becomes dangerous to all parties involved. Grooming cats requires experience, specialized tools, and protective gear, and this is why it’s challenging to find businesses that offer this service besides vets.

    Cats are by nature fearful of predators, and most groom shops are filled with dogs (both in scent and in presence), so this can invite nasty fight-or-flight behavior during the grooming. For this reason, we strongly recommend our clients schedule their cat’s appointment first thing in the morning before the dogs start arriving. We also recommend that the pet owner stay with their cat and to assist us in comforting them during their grooming.

    Additional Pet Grooming Services

    We offer additional dog grooming services ala carte, for a fee.

    • Teeth Brushing: $5.00 - You keep the brush!
    • Nail Trimming: $5.00 to $7.00 (depending on size) - $10.00 for Dremel Nails
    • Nail Polish: $7.00 (variety of colors available)
    • Blow Pin Paint Price, colors, and patterns vary. Call in advance to make a request. Great for BSU spirit!

    Gift Certificates

    Yes! We do have gift certificates, and we greatly appreciate it when our clients buy them for their family and friends’ pets. They make great gifts, and we view them as referrals! Here’s how we treat referrals: When you refer someone new to our business and they come in, we give you $5 Dollars off your pet’s next haircut.