Grooming Store

Welcome to the Spot On Grooming Pet Store! Shaun and Rachel are lifelong groomers with the level of expertise that only decades of experience can bring. They have both spent many years trying out hundreds of different products and brands, finding the best deals and the best tools for the job.

Now, they’re making these products available for purchase below. Thanks to their extensive exposure to the industry, Shaun and Rachel have built relationships that allow them to get very high quality products, including premium Japanese 440C high carbon, stainless steel dog shears - even Hitachi steel - at extremely competitive prices.

You won't find quality like this for these prices anywhere else.

If you have any questions about our products or want to hear about our ongoing call-in specials, please call our customer service number: 208-867-9132

Dog Shears

With our online pet store, you can choose from a variety of premium dog shears. We only carry shears that we know, from decades of personal experience, are top notch. That includes the most trusted choices, like Kenchii, and far more obscure brands like Superior. They both offer excellent shears, but operate with different business model. Kenchii makes high cost investments in marketing and brand management to sell high quality shears at high prices, whereas Superior sells similarly high quality shears with no marketing, tradeshows, or brand management, essentially widening their margins by lowering cost instead of by raising prices. This means that you can get great shears at a lower cost. So whether you want to stick to the reputable brand that you trust, or if you want to find the best value on the market, we have what you need.

High-end grooming shears are all made within the same few factories. Specific brands simply request slight alterations in the handle design or tension screw in order to create a unique looking product, and then claim to produce their own shears. Different brands use large marketing budgets to convince you that they are something seriously special, but in the end, the truth boils down to the cold hard facts. See here to learn about how to properly appraise your shear.

Spot-On Grooming is first-and-foremost a legitimate, long-time owned and operated, Mom & Pop groom shop. We care about finding the best grooming tools for the best prices. We want to share this value and quality with other groomers who, like us, don’t always have the money to buy all the Bling-Bling in the industry that we see in our favorite grooming magazines and dog shows.

If you need a quality shear at a great price, this is the place to look. If you prefer to stick with what you know and trust, we also carry Kenchii.

The top brands have done a great job with their marketing campaigns and statements like “If a shear isn’t at least $250.00, then buyer beware!” Well I won’t argue with the fact that a $250.00 shear is probably going to be a quality product, but for anyone willing to do their research and look for the brands that don’t invest half of their overhead in marketing, it is absolutely possible to get a top-notch shear for $80-$100. We have it.

If you don't like your shear for any reason, you can return it within 14 days for a full refund, less the cost of shipping.

Are all shears made equal, then? The answer is “No.” While it’s true that nearly all the top brands have their shears fabricated from the same factories that our own shears come from, there are many other shear factories throughout the world that, in our experience, make inferior products. We do not carry shears from these factories. Ninety-nine percent of our shears are fabricated in Japan from high carbon, 440C stainless steel, some of which are Hitachi steel. We carry one shear from Spain (a ball-tip) that is still an excellent quality shear - obviously, it’s not Japanese.

Dog Stairs

Is your pet old, injured, or disabled?

Are you an avid traveler or camper, but find it difficult for your pet to get around safely and easily inside your RV, 5th Wheel, or motorhome? Pet stairs are well worth the investment: they are affordable, easy to move, lift, store away, and incredibly easy to keep clean. Let one of these low-maintenance pet ramps keep your pets safe and happy during your travels. Quit lifting your pets and let the pet stair do all the work for you.


The pet stairs we carry, here are made from amazing Industrial Grade High-Density foam that is both extra firm, but also lightweight for moving, lifting, and storing. The firmness exceeds competitor pet stairs, and provides a safe, sturdy climbing surface for our animal friends to help them get around so that we don’t have to continually lift and carry them.

All pet stairs have a variety of color options to choose from that match nicely with your home decor. The outer lining is an easy-to-remove, fully washable zip-on cover made from polyester microfilament. It is a very durable, hard-to-stain surface, and most messes will easily wash off with warm water and a little drop of soap.


Be kind to your body! Our dog stairs and ramps are lightweight and easy to move and store. Helping a large dog with mobility impairments up and down from your couch or bed can seriously strain your back.

You don’t need your pet to be dependent on your constant help to provide mobility. With our pet ramps and stairs, your pet can regain freedom of movement around your home, making it easier to manage health conditions including:

  • Arthritis
  • Dysplasia
  • Tendon Injuries
  • Bad Backs
  • Joint Pain
  • Age

These conditions are painful for your pet, and leaving them without easier options than jumping could cause them to aggravate their injuries and health problems.

Pet Stairs are also great for very small dogs or puppies, which have trouble jumping up to higher places in a coordinated, safe way, and are often dependent on you for help. With our product, your fluffy little friend can navigate these obstacles with ease.

Help your pets access those hard-to-reach spaces with ease, using a lightweight, sturdy, mobile pet stair. No more worrying about your beloved pet’s health being jeopardized from a fall, or from trying to jump to a high surface. These pet stairs are great for small dogs, cats, elderly pets, and for rehabilitating pet injuries

Dog Nail Clippers

With precision and easy, trim and shape pet nails with a diamond nail grinding wheel. Diamond coated carbide wheels hold a major advantage over traditional sandpaper wheels: they remove nail tips quicker and easier, and they last much, much longer than sandpaper. Great for all breeds and sizes, these grinding wheels are a “Must” for professional groom shops.

Grinding wheels require mandrels and a hand grinding tool (such as a Dremel). We offer a variety of diamond nail grinding wheel options for very affordable prices.


Here at Spot-On Grooming we carry Wahl and Furzone clippers. They represent the two top tier brands on opposite ends of a spectrum. They are designed to work in different ways.

Despite being a new brand, Furzone represents the old guard. Their product is more expensive to manufacture, because the clippers are designed to use powerful motors at lower speeds. This prevents wear on the blades, and generally reduces wear on all moving parts.

Wahl, like all other major brands, changed their design in order to accommodate cost cutting demands by their major retailers, such as Amazon and Walmart. In order to cut costs, these brands have switched to cheaper, high speed, low torque motors. They are able to get the job done, but they wear out much faster than their products used to, which is a win for both the retailers and for the manufacturers, at your expense. All while you still feel like you’re saving money because the clipper is slightly cheaper on the shelf. Wahl is the best of these brands, and has sacrificed the least quality.

Clipper Blades

The cost cutting push in the industry affected blades as much as the motors. Clipper blades from all traditional manufacturers are now manufactured from inferior steel, which combined with the cheap high speed motors leaves you with a product that wears out in a few months of use, instead of years.

For this reason, we only carry Furzone clipper blades. Furzone produces high quality blades that work on ANY clipper, including Wahl and other established brands. Furzone clipper blades are made from high quality 440C stainless steel, with a Rockwell Hardness rating of 62. They are built to last.