Over 20 Years Of Professional Experience In Dog Grooming And Cat Grooming

Located in West Boise, our shop specializes in affordable, low-stress pet grooming services for all breeds.

About Us

  • Over 20 Years Of Pet Grooming Experience In The Treasure Valley
  • Professionally Trained, Not Self Taught: There’s a lot of groomers out there to choose from, but not everyone knows what they are doing. We were privileged to learn our trade from years of hard work under several amazing, professional groomers. As a result, we offer safe, friendly, low-stress pet grooming services. If you’re tired of seeing bad or mediocre haircuts on your pet, or wondering why your furry friend keeps coming home from the groomers with mysterious scrapes, nicks, and cuts, then call us today to get your pet scheduled for an amazing haircut. There’s no guesswork involved, here, when it comes to the safety, comfort, and appearance of your pets.
  • Low Stress Grooming Environment: We keep our daily clientele within a safe, manageable number that insures your pets gets the best attention and care they deserve.

  • Preventative Pet Health Maintenance: We not only provide excellent, safe, low-stress grooming for dogs and cats – we also look them over very carefully during their grooming for potential health concerns (i.e., ear infections, teeth care, skin and nails, etc.). We’ll let you know if Fluffy’s got a infection brewing in his ear, or developing periodontal disease. Our feedback can and has helped many clients remedy pet health issues long before they get serious. This is money saved for you, and a much healthier, happier pet.

  • We Care About Our Clients: Seriously, we’ve been doing this a good, long while, and it’s because we love our jobs and deeply care about the health and wellness of our animal friends. If you value a trusting relationship, honesty, safety, kindness, and compassion with your pet groomer, then look no further than Spot-On Grooming!

Very clean teeth

A Peek at the Shop

We’re a home shop in West Boise, Idaho (near Meridian) providing spot on dog grooming and cat grooming services. When you arrive, please feel free to park in our driveway, and follow the sidewalk around to the shop entrance alongside the garage. No need to knock – just come in. Please respect ours and our neighbors property by keeping your pets on a leash or in a carrier during check-in.


BathingOur shop is equipped with professional industry equipment including a sturdy hydraulic grooming table that can be lowered to accommodate easy lifting and handling for larger and older pets. We are experts at scissor finish grooming and we use an assortment of high-end sheers, clippers, blades and brushing tools that helps us to make your pets look and feel great.

Our heavy-duty stainless steel grooming tub can accommodate any pet size (even giant breeds), so there’s no grooming job too big or small that we cannot handle. We have a wide variety of shampoos and conditioners available at request for bathing (i.e., whiteners, medicated, oatmeal, hypoallergenic, flea & tick, de-Skunk, deshedding; lots of different scents, etc.). If there is a special bathing need you pet needs, just let us know.


“Our dog had a biting problem. When we were turned away at other facilities because of Oscar’s behavior, Shaun and Rachel were very instrumental in guiding us on how to improve his well being and end the biting. We love Oscar very much, and he no longer scares our children! We proudly travel from Nampa to use their services.” - The Corisis Family


“My Pug dog Bigsley is a shedding machine! Rachel keeps the hair from taking over my house by keeping Bigsley clean, brushed and conditioned. Plus, she loves to visit Rachel and smells great after her day at the salon!” - Mrs. Pill


“I am very impressed with the professional grooming services of Spot-On Grooming. They individualize the bath and groom to meet the needs of my dog. My Italian greyhound has had problems with skin allergies and they were careful in selecting the right shampoo and conditioner that worked best for him. He chills easily and they are careful to keep him warm. He hates it when I try clipping his nails at home, but gives Rachel and Shaun no protest when he is there. He’s always happy and beautiful when I pick him up.” - Lauire of Boise

We are so glad we found Rachel! Our Bichon has never looked better after a grooming! Relaxed environment. Rachel is very knowledgeable and gentle. Highly recommend!

Thank you Rachel!!!!!

-Bob and Stacy Barnett


“Rachel has groomed my dogs for years, so I’m glad to recommend her. In fact, when she left Nampa and went to Boise, I followed her. I drive my dogs (now dog) 35-40 min each way because it is worth it. Our animals are a big part of our family, and we want the best for them, so our circle includes Rachel!!! She is efficient, loves animals, and does lots of extras for us. Loved the Christmas bulb with the hair inside. Many thanks!” - M. Stimpson

Murphy and Libby

“Rachel was very friendly. She did a great job on our dogs! Best of all, they were calm and not stressed out when we picked them up :)” - H. Christensen