Ebony Thinner <br> (6

Ebony Thinner
(6". 30 Tooth)

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From our superior beveled edge "Ebony" dog shear series, we are proud to offer one of our most favorite, versatile, and toughest thinning shears that we have used - the 6.0" 30 Tooth Ebony Thinner. These mid-sized beauties are made from high quality Japanese 440C stainless steel, and coated with a protective paint that not only looks great, but helps reduce scratches and blemishes. Combined with a solid beveled edge, you can't find much more protection in a grooming shear.

This amazing texturing shear blends all coat types easily and quickly, and will make your finish work look amazing. Big enough in size to groom most large plains, but no so large to prevent you from trimming tight, sensitive spots on faces, the Ebony Thinner delivers a great, versatile service to pet groomers.

The Ebony Thinner's off set handle fits very comfortably into your hand to reduce straining from scissoring because it requires less force and tension in opening and closing. Very smooth and easy to use, and the black adjustable tension knob makes tuning by hand accurate and easy, and requires no special tools.

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