Elite 45 Thinner <br>(8.0

Elite 45 Thinner
(8.0" Hitachi)

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Could It Bee astonishingly similar to the Kenchi Bumblebee or Kinchi Pink Poodle thinning shear, but with 45 curved teeth instead of 44 at a fraction of the cost???

The "Could It Bee" 8" thinning shear is a masterfully Korean-crafted dog shear made from high quality Japanese hitachi 440C stainless steel. The texturing shear's true convex teeth are about as sharp as sin, and they stay that way for a good, long time - even under heavy use. The shear is incredibly balanced and light-weight, and the off set handle fits comfortably into your hand to reduce strain during scissoring.

This awesome texturing dog shear will blend hair with the greatest of easy, and feather your scissor lines out of existence for a superior blend pattern on medium to large cutting plains. The only downside to Could It Bee's 8" blade length is that it can be a bit too long to use in some tight spots around muzzles on the smashed-face dog breeds for teddy bear heads, otherwise it's just about perfect, and the price is amazing. Cuts down so much time on scissoring and blending with the sharpness of the shear.

In comparison to Kenchi's Bumblebee or Pink Poodle thinning shear, we actually greatly prefer the Could It Bee over the Kenchi contenders because the Could It Bee dog shear is uncoated, and therefore, a real convex edge texturing shear. Kenchi's Bumblebee and Pink Poodle look really cool with their fancy paint jobs, but the trade off is that they are both beveled edge shears. Kenchi calls them "semi-convex," which is a very misleading name - there is NOTHING convex about them. "Semi-convex" or "micro-beveled" simply means that they are a narrower beveled edge. They cannot compete to the sharpness and durability of a convex edge, let alone a hatachi steel convex edge. We're be happy to sell you a Bumblebee or Pink Poodle thinning shear from Kenchi, if that's what you want, but from much personal experience, you're better off saving your money and getting a much better, affordable grooming shear with the Could It Be.

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