Viper - 44 Tooth Thinner

Viper - 44 Tooth Thinner

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Kenchii Viper Dog Shears

Product Description

Kenchii Professional's convex edged Viper thinner is made for fine finish work. The Viper inspired offset handle and the custom Viper internal assembly make this shear a true Kenchii original.

Created with Kenchii's strongest level 4 alloy blend, with proper care these shears will stay extra sharp through months of serious use.

The 44T Viper double serrated thinner offers fine-moderate blending and thinning power and leaves no visible lines.

All of our Kenchii shears include Free Shipping and a free, matching shear case.

Kenchii shears can take up to one week to arrive

  • Model: KEVI Viper
  • Straight: 8.0", 9.0"
  • Curved: 8.0", 9.0"
  • Thinner: 44T (Total Length 7.0")

Model Details

  • Handle:Offset
  • Edge: Semi-convex
  • Material: Level 4
  • Assembly: Internal
  • Recommended for: Fine Finishing Work

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