About Us

Our Mission: Dog Grooming Boise

black pawSpot-On Grooming is fully dedicated to serving our clients and animal friends with sincerity, kindness, and compassion in all that we do. We know that your pets are family members too, and in keeping this perspective at the forefront of our practice, we strive to always offer you the best dog grooming and pet supplies that we can provide.

Dog Grooming

Rachel and Shaun White have been professionals in dog grooming for nearly 2 decades with extensive animal handling experience and years of good reputation. They created Spot-On Grooming in the fall of 2010, and presently work from their home shop.

Why a Home Shop?

home shop

Above all other reasons, we wanted to give ourselves and our clients the luxury of low-stress dog grooming by having control over our shop and scheduling, therefore, eliminating major problems like overbooking.

The reality is that many pet groomers overbook themselves. It's the primary way to make money in the industry, whether they'd prefer to or not. More pets in a day equals more money, after all. Big-box groom shops are especially prone to overbooking , and overbooked groomers transfer their stress over to the pets when groomed. It greatly raises the risk for injury to the pet and the groomer.

As a home shop, Spot-On Grooming affords us the opportunity to do what we love best - to groom in a low-stress environment that is safe, clean, and comfortable. We never overbook ourselves, and this allows us to give each and every pet we groom the full and undivided attention they deserve.

How To Schedule A Grooming Appointment:

call usWe schedule appointments by phone, text or by email ONLY. Due to our present client volume, it's strongly recommended that clients schedule future appointments in advance to guarantee availability. We DO NOT have an online scheduler, or take Walk-Ins, though it's worth calling to see if we have a cancellation or open slot available for the day.

We generally can accommodate Walk-In nail trims for clients, but PLEASE CALL US FIRST! Our schedule always varies day by day - contacting us is the only way to know for certain if we can get you scheduled

Pet Store

pet shopSpot-On Grooming is extremely pleased to announce the opening of its new online pet store. For years, we've maintained a small storefront for pet grooming supplies that we've found and like, and we're happy to continue doing so. We now have an active, growing online pet store that focuses on incredible products for both pet owners and dog grooming.

We've realized that being immersed in the dog grooming business for nearly 20 years has allowed to use, and to test a multitude of different dog grooming supplies. We're proud to now promote and sell some of these amazing products on our website. Stay tuned for upcoming product reviews and great deals on our pet grooming supplies.