Dog Grooming

Making A Grooming Appointment

Please schedule a pet grooming appointment by Phone, Text, or by Email.

Groom Shop: (208) 323-9095 or Email:

Table Of Contents: Boise Dog Grooming Services:

  • Making An Appointment
  • Checking In & Out
  • Grooming Services
  • Cat Grooming
  • Gift Certificates

  • Online Scheduling: Spot-On Grooming does not have an online scheduler. Please Call, Text, or Email us to schedule or inquire about a pet grooming appointment.

    appointment times

    How Long Are Grooming Appointments? We generally ask 4 hours per groom, though it doesn’t always take that long.

    Why 4 hours? There are many factors that contribute to time (i.e., the pet’s size, the coat condition, the age, the behavior, the haircut, etc.).

    We'll call you as soon as we get done with the grooming, and we make sure to give your pets potty breaks and accommodations during their stay.

    Walk-Ins: Due to our current volume of business, we cannot take walk-in appointments.

    If you’re needing a nail trim, we can usually work you in, but please call us in advance that day, just to be sure we have the time to do it.

    Checking In & Out

    Parking: We work from a home shop. Feel free to park in our driveway or the street. The shop entrance is around the side of our garage (please follow the sidewalk alongside the garage).

    You needn’t knock - the shop is always open during business hours - just come on in. Please don’t drop pets off at the front door of our house - use the shop entrance.

    client formPet Form: If it’s your pet’s first grooming with us, you’ll need you to fill out this form during check-in. You can either (1) print it off, fill it out, and bring it in with you, or (2) fill out a form at our shop.

    Special Requests: We want to give your pets the best grooming service and haircut possible. If you have pictures, previous grooming notes, or special shampoos, etc., that you’d like to share with us, we greatly welcome it.

    pet leash

    Securing Your Pets: Protect your pets and be respectful to our neighbors by using a leash or pet porter. Need to borrow a leash? We're happy and equipped to loan you a lead.

    Waiting At Our Shop: We have a small reception space that pet owners are welcome to wait in. Because we ask approximately 4 hours per pet grooming appointment, we wouldn’t recommend waiting the whole duration of the appointment in our reception room.

    Payment Methods: Our shop currently accepts checks, cash, and credit cards for payment.

    Grooming Services

    We offer a wide variety of pet grooming services, from full haircuts, baths, nail trims, brush-outs, teeth brushing, etc. for nearly all breeds of dogs and cats.

    Pricing: Pricing varies greatly on the service and pet; thus, Spot-On Grooming does not provide fixed pricing for our grooming services. We have included Base-Pricing in the list below illustrating pricing range based on sizes and services:

    • Full Groom: including specified haircut, bath, brush out, cleaning ears, trimming nails, cologne, bows/ribbons, and expressing anal glands (only at owners request). Small-Size Breeds:$39+, Medium-Size Breeds:$45+, Large-Size Breeds: $55+, X Large-Sized Breeds: $80+, Giant-Sized Breed: $100+

    • Bath & Brush: including bath, brush out, trimming nails cologne, bows/ribbons, and expressing anal glands (only at owners request). Small-Size Breeds:$20+, Medium-Size Breeds:$35+, Large-Size Breeds: $45+, X Large-Sized Breeds: $60+, Giant-Sized Breed: $80+

    • Brush Out Only: we generally charge by the hour for brush out. Prices vary based on the animal's size, condition of the coat, and tolerance towards the brush out

    • Trim Nails: nail trimming prices start at $5 (depends on dog size and tolerance). Pricing for trimming nails with a dremel tool starts at $8

    • Teeth Brushing: $5 - you get to keep the brush afterwards!

    • Nail Polish: $7 - variety of colors available

    • Cat Grooming: Call us for pricing quotes and services based on your cat's needs, please. Cat grooming prices can range from $15 to $60. On average, around $30

    Cat Grooming

    Spot-On Grooming provides grooming services for cats as well as dogs. In most cases, we as groomers, are limited on what we can do for cats. Please call or email us to get more information about our cat grooming services.

    In most cases, cats are brought into groomers for the removal of matting. These mats are often very tight and right next to the animal's skin, so shaving under them requires a short blade (thus a naked cat - or naked in parts). Shaving mats is more like salvage grooming to improve the animal's health, comfort, and mobility - not really to pretty them up. We'd like cat owners to have realistic expectations of what mat removal for cats entails, and what their pet can look like after.

    There are some specialty pet groomers who offer bathing and stylistic haircuts for cats that is not fixed on the condition they are covered in tight mats. We are NOT this type of cat groomer, and we apologize for our limited services in cat grooming. We possess years of professions, safe grooming experience with cats; however, we currently prefer not to bath or stylistically groom them. Even the most tolerant cats typically get stressed in a bath; getting them dried afterwards is even more stressful and time consuming. We believe it's not worth exposing your cats or ourselves to the stress and risk for aesthetic purposes.

    Gift Certificates

    Yes! We do have gift certificates, and we greatly appreciate it when our clients buy them for their family and friends’ pets. They make great gifts, and we view them as referrals! Here’s how we treat referrals: When you refer someone new to our business and they come in, we give you $5 Dollars off your pet’s next haircut.