The Ebony Straight Shear in Review

Posted by Jens Boettiger on 1/22/2018 to Grooming Equipment
Product Page: Ebony Straight Shear
  • Length: 5.5”, 6”, 7", 8.5”, 9”
  • Material: 440C High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Features: Hand-adjustable Tension Screw
  • Edge Type: Micro Beveled

I’ve been using the 7” version of this shear for the last three months here at the groom shop with Rachel and Shaun. I mostly used it on golden retrievers (we get some extra fluffy ones). My experience with it has been very positive. It handles well, held on to its edge, and cuts smoothly.

The entire shear is coated in black titanium, which looks cool and helps to prevent all forms of corrosion.

The Handle

While I found the thumb hole on the handle to be slightly too large for me, I was still able to use it correctly. The bent thumb ring helps with that, but I’ll need to get a gel insert to make it perfect.

The shape works for my hand, and the ergonomic handle means I don’t have to raise my elbow as much to maneuver the blade.


This shear is easy to tune, thanks to the convenient finger adjustable knob.

After the first time that I adjusted it, I had to re-tune in one time after a few weeks. I think that’s just the shear settling in, because it has stayed perfect since then.

The Blade

The blade is made from 440C Japanese stainless steel, which is probably why I didn’t notice any dulling in the edge, and comes with a micro-beveled edge and a hollow grind that provides a very smooth cut, more similar to a convex edge than a traditional beveled edge shear.


I use this shear to do the pants and skirt, and to clean up the back of the legs on medium and large dogs. I think the 8” version might be more useful for larger dogs, but this works for me.

Given the wide range of sizes, I think a version of this shear would be suited for anything you need including the face, though I prefer the Horus Ball Tip Shears for face work to mitigate the risk of poking the poor critter.