How to Tune a Texturing Shear

When you tune your texturing shears you will need a different test than when you are working with your other shears. This is because the weighting on texturing shears is different, which prevents the shear from falling closed when it is opened, even when it is completely loose. You can’t do a drop test in that situation.

The solution is a different kind of process:

Step 1: Open and Close the Shear

Make sure you are holding the shear correctly, with only the very tip of your thumb in the thumb hole to avoid putting cross tension on the blades. This is how you should always be using it.

Pick up your shear, and slowly close the shear.

You should feel the first three teeth as they contact the blade. If you don't feel it, or if it hangs too much, then you need to adjust it.

Tighten or Loosen the Blade

For information on how to adjust the tension on any shear click here.

Adjust the tuning screw to tighten or loosen the blade so that you are just beyond the point where you can feel the teeth engage with the blade, but not far beyond it.

Perform a Tissue Test

  1. Separate a piece of tissue paper so you have just a single layer of tissue.

  2. Use your shear to cut into the paper from both directions, so you have one cut with the grain and one across it.

  3. Examine the cut to see if it is clean and even.

  4. If the tissue folds instead of cutting, tighten the shear and try again.

    If the cut is otherwise perfect, but fails in one particular spot, you may have a burr in your blade. A sharpener can polish that out for you.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to write or call our store customer service.